About Copyright Visual Arts

In 2014-15 CARCC restructured as a not for profit association which now operates under the business names Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts Visuels. CARCC, was founded by CARFAC in 1990 to assist artists in administering their copyrights. 

CARFAC and RAAV now play equal roles in its management because it is a logical extension of their commitment to the payment of royalties to artists for the use of their copyrights. CARFAC and RAAV provide their members with information about Copyright Visual Arts, and they publish this Minimum copyright royalties schedule in order to promote full respect of artists’ copyrights in Canada and Quebec.

Copyright Visual Arts represents close to 1000 Canadian and Quebec visual and media artists.  It negotiates and issues licenses that allow the legal use of its affiliates’ works, collects the royalties and pays the artists. 

Affiliation with Copyright Visual Arts is separate from membership in CARFAC or RAAV.  Any interested artist from Canada and Quebec may affiliate with Copyright Visual Arts. 

Users of works created by affiliates of Copyright Visual Arts must obtain licenses from Copyright Visual Arts.

Governance BY and FOR Visual and Media Artists

Copyright Visual Arts (CARCC) is directed by a Board of Directors composed of artists appointed in equal number by the two member-associations, RAAV and CARFAC.

These artists have a duty to supervise the copyright society in the best interest of the artists it represents. Decisions are taken by consensus to give the representatives of each association an equal power of decision. These artists work as volunteers:

CO-CHAIRS: Avery Zhao-Djokic (Quebec) and Patrick Lamb (Alberta)

TREASURER: Sydney Lancaster (Alberta)

SECRETARY: Catherine Rondeau (Quebec)

Members:  Pierre Tessier (Quebec), David Yazbeck (Ontario).

Copyright Visual Arts operates in both official languages of Canada.