Join Copyright Visual Arts (CARCC)

Who should become a Member of Copyright Visual Arts?  Visual and media artists living in Canada, or living abroad, are welcome to sign up with Copyright Visual Arts.

If you have requests for uses of your art works – exhibitions, reproductions, broadcasts or internet uses, for example – you could benefit from Copyright Visual Arts’s licensing services. 

If you have works that have already been published in print, you will likely be eligible for the reprography royalties distributed by Copyright Visual Arts. 

If you are just learning about copyright, you might benefit from the advice and experience that Copyright Visual Arts can offer. 

If you are a veteran at managing the copyrights on your work, you might enjoy some relief from the paperwork, and the support of the Copyright Visual Arts’s bargaining power. 

Here’s how to join Copyright Visual Arts (CARCC):

Please read all the material on this site carefully, especially the About Copyright Visual Arts section, If you have questions, please write to Copyright Visual Arts

1-  Fill out the Artist Membership Agreement, and email it with an up-to-date CV and a list of media that you use in your artistic practice to Copyright Visual Arts. When your Agreement is received by Copyright Visual Arts, a signed copy of the Affiliation Agreement will be returned to you.  Keep this for your reference – it is a contract.

Your Social Insurance Number - S.I.N. is required because at year end we produce and send you a T5 slip to join to your income tax report. That is why it is important to mention it.

Copyright Visual Arts asks that members send an up-to-date CV once every two years.  A   suggested format for an artist’s CV is provided should you need it.

2-  Once your membership is accepted, Copyright Visual Arts becomes your representative in the administration of your copyrights

Please be sure to notify Copyright Visual Arts when a licence is required, as outlined in the How to use Copyright Visual Arts’ licensing services section.  There is, as well, a Request for Licence Form available on this site to help you ask the right questions – specific information is needed in order to determine royalties and to issue licences. 

The key to using Copyright Visual Arts effectively is communication, so please let us know when there is a request.

3-  Joining Copyright Visual Arts is free of charge; however Copyright Visual Arts will retain administrative fees on the royalties it collects from the users.  Copyright Visual Arts is financed solely by the administrative fees collected on its licensing activity. For more information consult our section About Copyright Visual Arts.

4-  Membership with Copyright Visual Arts, once established, is ongoing until the member notifies Copyright Visual Arts in writing that he or she no longer wants to be member.  Other circumstances when membership may be terminated by Copyright Visual Arts include prolonged unresponsiveness on the part of the member, or inability on our part to reach a member due to a change of address.

5-  Please inform Copyright Visual Arts of any change of address!  Remember, we might want to send you a cheque, a tax receipt, or other important stuff. Contact us - by email or call us when you have a change of address.

NOTE : Membership in CARFAC or RAAV is different than membership in Copyright Visual Arts (CARCC).  One can be a member of Copyright Visual Arts and not a member of CARFAC or RAAV, however, membership in one or the other of the national visual and media artists associations is a good thing, and encouraged.